• User

    Scalable LMS

    PSL can be used for training small or large groups of employees regardless of location.
  • Cost

    Cost-Effective Training

    PSL is cost-effective, flexible, and consistent, eliminating travel expenses and time lost from project work.
  • Manage

    Easy to Manage

    PSL organizes, tracks, and manages all training efforts and also provides refresher training.
  • Reporting

    eLearning Reporting

    PSL enables management to view the competency status of their entire organization at a glance through the analytics dashboard.

Benefits for Corporations

The Process Safety Learning® platform is based on learning modules so learners can incrementally build competencies on process safety.

A learning module is a fundamental building block within Process Safety Learning®. They allow learners to absorb material at their own pace and incrementally build competencies within any topic. Successful completion of a set of ‘building block’ topics earns certifications. Process Safety Learning® modules are created by subject matter experts that have in-depth knowledge of industry regulations and requirements that are essential for process safety professionals.

Advantages of Learning Modules

More Agile:
Modules can be developed quickly, enabling a faster response to changing training needs

More Economical:
Modules are reusable in a variety of courses, saving time and resources.

More Effective:
Modules split the learning experience into short segments so learners build skills and earn certifications incrementally.

Advantages of an Learning Management System (LMS)

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